Professional Midwifery Education and Training (PMET) Programme

This is a two-year training programme that began in August 2011 to help build a select group of skilled nurses trained especially to promote and deliver, effective maternity care. Tutors/midwives come regularly from the UK, to help train batches of student nurses. Started with the aim of reducing the maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity, the in-house trained midwives have helped birth 11609 women till December 2019.We have trained 35 Qualified Midwives from August 2011 to February 2019 and 24 midwives are working in Fernandez Hospital.


DURATION: 2years, 18months training period and 6months of Internship
DELIVERY: Campus, Full-time.
AWARD TYPE: Professional Midwife
CAMPUS: Fernandez School of Nursing.
START DATE: Will be Notified in the Website.


Fully competent to practice as Professional midwives

100% of midwives have been employed in Fernandez Hospitals

Opportunity for further studies.



Module 1

Introduction to Midwifery
Midwifery Model of Care
Midwifery Standards of Practice
Communication and Counselling skills
Ethics for Midwives and Record Keeping
Midwifery Care Reproductive Health
Health Assessment of Women
Midwifery Care during Healthy Pregnancy
Midwifery Care -Normal Labour and Birth
Midwifery Care - Healthy Newborns

Module 2

Public health for Midwives
Demographics Midwifery Community Health Centres
Pharmacology for Midwives
Midwifery Care -Abortion Related Services
Basic Life Saving Skills for Midwives
Midwifery care-Healthy Postpartum
Common Complications of Childbearing
Professional Issues in Midwifery


Module 3

Advanced Midwifery

Evidence Based

Revisit Professional Issues

Midwifery Complications in Reproductive Years

Application of All Midwifery Competencies


Applicants must be registered nurses (GNM/BSC) with a minimum of one year experience as a staff nurse to become a highly skilled professional of the obstetric team.
Applicants must also have effective registration with the Indian Nursing Council (INC).
Academic and current employer references are also required at the point of application.

For more information please contact:
Project Management Team
Email –


The PMET trainees would be assessed at the end of 12 months and 18months.
At the end of twelve months of training, the students would be expected to undergo a competency based examination that covers portions including Module 1 and Module 2(Year-1).
At the end of eighteen months, the trainees will be assessed on Module 3(Year-2)