Nurse Practitioner Midwifery (NPM) Educator Program

Nurse Practitioner Midwifery (NPM) Educator programme was initiated by GOI on November 6th 2019. Fernandez Foundation was recognised as one of the National Midwifery Training Institute . A cohort of 30 postgraduate nurses from 5 states i.e; Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Orissa and Uttar Pradesh are undergoing 6months of intensive residential training at our institute.


DURATION:18months; 6 months of Intensive residential training at NMTI followed by 12months of mentorship at respective State Midwifery Training Institutes (SMTI).
DELIVERY: Mixed model
AWARD TYPE: Nurse Practitioner Midwifery Educator (NPM Educator).
CAMPUS: Fernandez School of Nursing, Hyderabad
START DATE:As notified by GOI.


Educator - This course enables you to be a competent NPM Educator at SMTI.

Practitioner - To provide quality and compassionate care to woman, newborn and family.


The candidate seeking admission to this program should have the following qualifications.

Be a registered nurse and registered midwife (R.N & R.M) with Indian Nursing Council.
M. Sc Nursing with speciality in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics or community health with minimum 2years of clinical maternity experience or Any other MSc/B.Sc with minimum 5 years clincial maternity experience.
B. Sc Nursing with Nurse Practitioners in Midwifery with 2 years of clinical experience.
Undergo a Selection process at State level by Panel of experts by passing through 3 phases
a) Written test (40%) and OSCE (20%)
b) Interview (40%)-Motivational Screening (20%) & Aptitude Assessment (20%)

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Preceptorship model of training
Simulation learning and step technique- Multi collaborative
Clinical hands on training.


Module 1: Preparing midwives for relationship –based midwifery care.
Section 1:Relational education: preparing midwives for relationship based and transformative midwifery care.
Section 2: Transformative education: preparing midwives for transformative midwifery care (Teaching and Learning Approaches)
Module 2: Preparing midwives for care during Pregnancy, Birth & Puerperium
Section 1: Maternal, Fetal and New born Physiology.
Section 2: Normal Pregnancy, Birth and Puerperium.
Section 3: Care of the Newborn.
Section 4: Complex Care of the Women and new born, Healthy Families and Communities.
Section 5: Pharmacology, Infection Control & Legal and Ethical Issues.
Module 3: Preparing midwives to lead, manage and supervise quality midwifery care.
Module 4: Preparing midwives for evidence-based midwifery practices.


Safe Delivery App

Infection Prevention.
Post Abortion Care
Prolonged Labour.
Postpartum Haemorrhage.
Manual Removal of Placenta.
Maternal Sepsis.
Neonatal Resuscitation.
Newborn Management.

Training Cascade

  • 1 Identification

    Identification of potential candidates for Midwifery Educator Training Programme by State Governments.

  • 2 Training

    Training of State Midwifery Educators by National Midwifery Training Institute, Fernandez Foundation (6 Months Residential Training).

  • 3 Mentorship

    State Midwifery educators begin their Mentorship programme in State Midwifery Training Institutes (12months).

  • 4 NPM Training Programme

    Simultaneously training of NPM trainees begins at State Midwifery Training Institutes by State Midwifery Educators while they are continue their mentorship (18months).

  • 5 Trained NPMs posting

    • Trained NPM s are deployed at LaQshya certified facilities
    • They are mentored by State Midwifery Educators for 12months.


The ME trainees would be assessed at the end of three months, six months and 18months..
At the end of three months of training, the educators would be expected to undergo a competency-based examination that covers portions including Module 1 and Module 2(Section 1-3).
At the end of Six months, the trainees will be assessed on all four modules.


For detailed information about studying this course at Fernandez Foundation, please see the course handbook.


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